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I am thrilled to announce the publishing of our first book, Coming Out Together – Memoirs on the LGBTQ+ Experience. The goals of this book are to help make those who have gone through the experience of coming out, or are currently going through it, to know that they are not alone, that it can get better, or that it might just not be all that bad. Some coming out stories are hard, some ugly, and some good. All are important.


In addition, with every book we publish, Open Air Press will be contributing a % of book sales proceeds to the Looking Out Foundation, as well as other relevant non-profits (the Matthew Shepard Foundation being the other for our first book) for the sake of helping them further their important work.


We believe that there is immense healing and empowerment in these stories- to those brave enough to share their own, and to those who read them. By shining the light onto these experiences, we hope to contribute to the positive ripple effects of progress. 


Thank you so much for your time and consideration in supporting this book and cause! 


In much love and gratitude,

Shannon Ronan

(Founder of Open Air Press)

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